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"Steven is an immensely gifted healer, with a capacity to perceive and work sensitively at the deepest levels.  Highly recommended-- especially now." -JHP, PhD, Professor of Consciousness Studies

"Steven has an ability that is immeasurable in its benefits. He is both incredibly intuitive and also graced with a gentle and safe sense about him. Our work has changed my life and opened a communication with my higher self that I didn't know was accessible. When I am feeling lost or needing to shift patterns that aren't serving me any more, I go to Steven for guidance and support to help me back on track to remind me of why I am really here." - AT, Life Coach

"I would so recommend Steven!" -EH, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

"I'm really thankful to be learning these tools; they have been easy to apply and it's nice to see results." -CM, Teacher

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