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Steven has been studying and practicing healing arts for 20 years.  He has studied with Malidoma Somé, scholar and elder of the Dagara tribe of West Africa; Alberto Villoldo, shaman and teacher of healing arts of the Quero of Peru; Randal Churchill and Cheryl Canfield, as well as Mike Mandell, renowned practitioners and teachers of hypnotherapy; and others. 

From an early age, Steven was called to a path of healing and service by a series of recurring dreams and illness.  These led him on a journey of discovery of self, and the magic of the human spirit, mind, and body.  He continues on this journey, as he dedicates himself to helping others navigate their own paths, through shamanic counseling, hypnotherapy, classes, and mentoring.  Steven's practice is by phone and in person in the San Francisco North Bay, where he enjoys living with his family.

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