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Offering, and not limited to, the following:
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Shamanic  & Hypnotherapy

Release blockages and recover your path, purpose, and vitality through energy medicine, hypnosis, and creative mapping. 

1 1/2 hrs, $220, 1 hr $150  Book Now






Cowry shell and stone divinations in the style of the Dagara of West Africa.  Hear what your ancestors and guides are saying about how you are fullfilling your purpose, and more. 

1 hour, $150  Book Now



Rites and Rituals

Offering rites and rituals to facilitate any occasion or significant life event.  Examples include births, baby blessings, deaths, marriage, speaking with child in utero, home or business blessing, and more.  Contact for pricing.



Shamanic Journeying, Home Altars, Power and Protection, and more.  Contact for schedule and pricing.


New Offering:  Nature Ceremony

Steven is your anchor and guide as you spend time on the land, rediscovering your own true nature.  Inquiries welcome!

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