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Steven Encinas–

Shamanic Counselor and Hypnotherapist

Turn challenges into empowerment.  Meeting virtually and by phone, Steven uses Shamanic Counseling and Hypnotherapy to help you find your truth and optimize your life.  This is a time of transformation.


Every one of us has innate gifts and a purpose to bring into the world, your soul's calling. Steven is here to help you bring these forth into the world to make lasting change.  Weaving ancient and modern techniques, this work is accessible to the everyday person.

In the old days, working with the world around us, all the forces and beings of spirit and nature, was commonplace. It is still so among some cultures, including ours.

Shamanic Counseling and Hypnotherapy can address:
  • Anxiety

  • Fears/phobias

  • Clearing past trauma

  • Sleep Issues

  • Addictions

  • Unwanted Behaviors

  • Finding Your Purpose & Gifts

  • Boosting Immune System

  • Finding & Reaching Goals

  • Mind, Body, Emotional Health

  • Spiritual Development

Sessions are in person, virtual, or by phone.  Please contact us to learn more..

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